Bibliography of Subtitling and Related Subjects 

For a long time there was very little literature on subtitling. (Moreover, the words "Subtitles" and/or "Captions" are very rarely to be found in the indexes of handbooks or bibliographies on the cinema.) A few experienced subtitlers had written down their observations and thoughts or lectured on the subject, but on the whole, finding source material used to be an uphill struggle. 

Things have changed, however, since around 1993, and now there are quite a few books available and a multitude of academic papers on this subject, as well as on subjects related to media translation. Here I can mention only the most important. More complete bibliographies can be found in

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Books and articles on screen translation, especially subtitling:



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There are also a number of "in-house" guides or manuals for subtitlers, stating rules for line and title breaks, punctuation, etc. They are usually not published, but they can often be had on demand from the company in question. Some examples are: 

BBC Subtitling Guide (London 1994, 20 p.) and BBC Subtitling Style Guide, (London1993, 48 p.) 

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Audio description

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Translation theory:

Subtitlers as well as ordinary translators usually consider that they have nothing to learn from books on translation theory. They are often wrong, and the quality of their work would certainly profit if they perused books like 

Shuttleworth, Mark & Cowie, Moira (1997), Dictionary of Translation Studies , Manchester: St. Jerome, 233 p. (With a very valuable bibliography) 

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