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When it was published in 1992, Jan Ivarsson's Subtitling for the Media - A Handbook of an Art  was the first book ever to look systematically at the art and techniques of subtitling and/or captioning. It quickly became an indispensable handbook for subtitlers and a source of information for everybody with an interest in this major field of language transfer. It was very quickly sold out.

Jan Ivarsson & Mary Carroll: SUBTITLING

A new edition was completely rewritten in 1998, in collaboration with one of Europe's most experienced subtitlers and subtitling teachers, Mary Carroll. A wealth of new material was added, with input from all over the world, and a survey of the latest technical developments was included.
There are chapters on the history of subtitling and its future applications, on translation, readability and layout, on subtitling for the hard of hearing (and even for the blind!), on subtitling equipment, multilingual subtitling and DVD. But the main part of the book deals with the practical aspects of the subtitler's work: the do's and don'ts of subtitling, how to time and edit subtitles to achieve optimal quality and maximum viewer acceptance.

"What makes this book important and unique is that it is really and truly international without being bland, and that it is so complete. I cannot think of a single issue that has not been covered. Subtitling will be the only authority on the subject for a long time to come.”
(Helen Reid in Language Today, March 1999)

“Don’t hesitate to recommend this authoritative and indispensable book to every producer, director, screenwriter, distributor and exhibitor who crosses your path. For subtitling is an art!” 
(Kino, October 1999)

“…tremendously useful in teaching subtitling.  It is comprehensive, insightful and highly readable, particularly good for classes which are practice-oriented.” 
(Gilbert Fong, Chinese University of Hong Kong)


Ivarsson, Jan & Carroll, Mary, Subtitling, Simrishamn 1998, ISBN 91-971799-2-2, 185 pages

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