Subtitling and captioning companies  Especially US closed captioning.  CaptionMax USA  Subtitling and Dubbing International  Broadcast Text Worldwide Språkcentrum International  Language Technology Centre. Translation and subtitling. In Hollywood, staffs over 800 translators throughout the world. Recently bought by Deluxe Digital Studios (DDS)  TitelBild  Jan Liebelt Subtitling  Amsterdam inVision Subtitling.  Voice & Script International or  Subtitling and Laser subtitling  Titra Film France  Titra USA  Imaj - Laser subtitling in Istanbul  Subtitling and dubbing into Asian languages  Many links concerning subtitling



Subtitling and captioning equipment BeamTitling®, an innovative timecode-controlled system for projecting subtitles onto cinema screens.  F.A. Bernhardt GmbH for open, teletext, dvd and dvb subtitling applications.  ScanTitling/Cavena has an all-software subtitle preparation system, Tempo, with support for all languages.  Screen Electronics Win2020 and Poliscript for open, closed, dvd and dvb subtitling.  SoftNi - Software & New Ideas - modular software may be configured to fit most subtitling requirements in most languages.  Softel Teletext systems and Swift subtitling/closed captioning workstations & transmission solutions, audio description and speech recognition systems.  WinCAPS Lite preparation station and WinCAPS Multimedia for all formats, with speech recognition  TitleVision. Low cost preparation systems. Free Edit software.  Low cost, all software subtitling system.  Translation, dubbing and subtitling software  Bulgarian professional subtitle preparation equipment.  Spot Software. Budget program. Demo version.  Cheetah International The system displays reversed captions on a LED display in the rear of a theater. Patrons use reflective panels to see the captions.  IAI Laser subtitling equipment  CTM laser subtitling machine.  Titling technology for the performing arts.





Anime Fan Subtitling  The Beginner's Guide to Subtitling is a hobby site for Anime subtitling of especially Japanese Mangas, using Amiga computers. It has nothing whatsoever to do with serious professional subtitling. See also and 




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